A Pioneer in Vacuum Technology

Active Across a Range of Industries

Vacuum pumps – the devices at the heart of vacuum technology-play vital roles in a host of industries. From oil rotary vacuum pumps to water jets and steam ejectors, Nicum provides equipment that meets applications in virtually every kind of industry. We've developd our own innovative non-condense vacuum pump that holds a steady vacuum and does not condense the moisture content of the intake gas or contaminate the emuision. This innovative device also boasts superior durability.

Reliable products for customers around the world

A number of Nicum products – beginning with our vacuum dryers and impregnation equipment – have brought our leading technology to customers all around the globe. These products have earned an enviable reputation for quality, performance, and reliability. Nicum supplies more than just products. We also support industries around the world through contracts signed to transfer technology to local companies.