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Gosuke Maeda President

We at ‘Nikku industry’ have been providing industrial equipment with the 【Vacuum technology】for more than 60 years, depending on the needs of the times.
Now, our outstanding at technology has penetrated into the world and expanded globally.
In order to contribute towards all companies and industries, based on the motto "Vacuum technology that’s shaping the future", we will continue to act as a company that can provide and develop a product that reflects the new times.
We appreciate your guidance and support.

Company Principles

1.Customer-focused service
To set aside personal interests and to work devotedly for the benefit of the customer and the world.
1.Totale expertise
To sharpen specialized academics and technology to improve one's ability.
1.Humility and perseverance
To harmonize with each other and keep in mind to accord someone every courtesy.
To act on one’s accord, and to not lie and cheat.
1.Family oriented
To build a harmonious home while valuing home like work.

The History of our Company

1951 NIKKU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.(NICUM) was established in Osaka.
NICUM started the vacuum-based equipment fabrication with gathering the superior, vacuum-mechanical engineers, under the cooperation with KURIMOTO,LTD. TOKYO AUTOMATIC MACHINERY WORKS,LTD. and NIPPON FOIL MFG CO.,LTD.
1952 First Vacuum tobacco humidifying equipment was delivered to JAPAN TOBACCO INC.
1953 Invention of advanced vacuum steam setter.
Vacuum steam setter was developed for anti-twisting of yarns and or fibers.
Along with the evolution of the textile industry, NICUM developed many items for this area. Our NICUM brand Steam Setter is now used widely in the world.
1957 Continuous vacuum dryer was developed.
1962 Invention of screw-type distillation device, and participate in plastics, fats and oils areas.
1971 Invention of Pitch impregnating equipment.
NICUM's pitch impregnating units with carbon electrodes and refractory bricks meets important applications in a range of industries.
1973 Technical agreements with KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD. for the catalytic deodorization equipment.
1975 Technical agreements with DAIDO STEEL CO.,LTD. for the development of DNP pre-coat filter.
1976 Licensed the Pitch impregnating technology to FEIST INCON, Germany.
Licensed the Vacuum equipment technology to DAEHAN CHEMICAL MACHINERY, Korea.
1981 Got the license agreements from WILHELM HEDRICH, Germany for the Resin casting technology.
1987 Invention of continuous vacuum steam setter.
The continuous setter enables uninterrupted steam setting of yarn on the bobbin while switching from the spinning process. It has full automatic operation, setting the yarn right on the bobbin and automatically transporting it.
Co-invention of the vacuum cooling equipment for the concrete aggregate with TAISEI CORPORATION.
1991 Co-invention of the resin impregnation unit for concrete panels with CHICHIBU CEMENT and delivered this resin impregnation unit to OZAWA CONCRETE INDUSTRY.
1998 Development of manufacturing device for LiPB.
1999 The system of which the vacuum dryer increased the sale for a medicine and a chemical industry was established.
2001 The subsidy of KANSAI BUREAU OF ECONOMY,TRADE&INDUSTRY is acquired with the manufacturing device for LiPB.
2003 The joint development of the manufacturing device for LiPB begins with the venture company of LiPB.
2008 Development of freeze impregnation apparatus using the freeze impregnation method as part of the Hiroshima Prefecture of project.
2009 Factory renewal,reinforcement for the medicine chemical fields.
2014 The development and sales of the freeze-dryer for the food industry.
2015 ISO9001・14001 certified

Company Overview

Gousuke Maeda
Tetsuya Yamamoto
Yutaka Ishigami
Hironori Ikawa
Establishment December.11.1951
Capital Yen 47,620,000
Office ■Head Office
2-25, Higashiarioka, Itami City, Hyogo, 684-0045 Japan →Map
TEL:072-782-0561 FAX:072-782-3844

■Tokyo Branch
Kanda Tomiyama-Cho Bldg 7F
24 Kanda Tomiyama-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0043 Japan →Map
TEL:03-3252-2251 FAX:03-3252-2250
Banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd
Resona Bank, Limited
The Senshu Ikeda Bank,Ltd
The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd
Employee 60 persons

Map & Address

Head Office
2-25 Higashiarioka
Itami City Hyogo
664-0845 Japan
Tokyo Branch
Kanda Tomiyama-Cho Bldg 7F
24 Kanda Tomiyama-Cho,
Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo
101-0043 Japan

Quality and Environmental Policies

We ‘NIKKU INDUSTRY’ specified quality and Environmental Policies as follow.

Quality and Environmental Policies

・To aim to improve the quality and try to reduce the environmental impact and strive for the prevention of pollution.
・To work together for achieve quality and environmental objectives.
・To comply with laws and regulations and satisfy the needs of customers.
・To address the continuous improvement in order to establish the effectiveness of the management system.

Gosuke Maeda/ President

ISO9001 ISO14001 certified